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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JayD, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. JayD

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    *trucewhiteflag* Hey guys,
    I was thinking about putting this up to see if I could find a landscaper in the Indianapolis area who does not mow and would like to send each other some referrals.
    If this is you, you can email me at
  2. baddboygeorge

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    I did that before , with the understanding that I give you all the mowing an I get all the landscaping! It wasn't long an he was doing everything! Be wise ,get your own customers! See ya George
  3. yamadooski

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    We do that too. I ask all my subs what they all do for their biz. If they mention something we do I move on.
    I will never use a fertilize company that mows and does landscaping also.
  4. AGLA

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    Oh, come on! Don't give up like that. Don't listen to the sports pundits. At least wait until the game is played!

    All in good fun. It should be a great game.:drinkup:

    I think you have a good idea. The biggest problem is that most mowing guys want to go into the install business. That makes it both good and bad for you. The good news is that there may be some landscapers out there who would like to stear their work to mowing guys who won't try to snag other work. The bad news is that once they complete an install, there is not usually a lot of reason to protect against another contractor "getting in" because the big job is done. That means that most contractors to not care who mows the lawn afterward, so they have no reason to make an effort to get someone in. For that reason, I don't think you'll get much feed back.
  5. baddboygeorge

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    This is a very competitive business an I dont know very many successful companies that will hand over work !see a George
  6. JayD

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    I think that some of you may have misunderstood me. What I was talking about was, for an example: You the landscape contractor, does a job for a customer, and when finished, the customer ask if you could recommend a good mowing contractor, therefore, you give them my name. The other example: I, as the mowing guy, has a customer who is looking for some one to do some landscape work that I would not want or be able to do, and pass along your name......
    It's just as simple as passing a referral to one another for work that you may not want or do........
  7. jdwilliams1

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    Jay, I get you

    PM me, I have absolutely no desire to mow but would love any mainenance, mulch or landscaping work you could send my way.


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