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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by greens1, Nov 27, 2001.

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    I am currently doing a workup for a indoor waterfall and would appreciate any help that anyone can give me. I have done outdoor waterfalls, but this is my first indoor falls.

    The size is 6.5' wide by 8' high. It is going against a cement wall in the basement. I was planning on stacked flagstone for the falls, with morterd joints and brick ties to hold it tight against the wall.

    I had planned on two water outlets for the falls, one at 6' and one at 7'. The two outlets would be offset 3' along the width.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Jim L
  2. LiquidLand

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    a prefab 1x2 wooden structure fit behind falls can house pump/
    accessories-will be splashy falls if too steep-good luck
  3. Fine Lines Lawn

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    It's possible that with the size you are considering, and the amounts of water involved that you could raise the humidity level to a point to cause mildew problems and structural hazard.
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    First, I would like to thank you both for the responses.

    The falls is going against a poured concrete wall, useing falls stone and morter / w brick ties.

    I was planning to hide the pump under a false rock, the bottom of the catch basin will be lined with river stone and the plumbing will run behind the stone.

    I am planning to use a 2' knee wall, riverstone facia, for the catch basin and the whole thing will be built over a 45 mil liner.

    I told the customer that they may need to add a chiller unit if the waterfall produces too much humidity.

    Jim L

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