Industrial Plant site bid

I would like some input from the forum on this subject.

I have been asked to submit a bid on an industrial site. It consists of approximately 10-12 acres to be mowed, trimmed, blow sidewalks/parking lot, and edged weekly. Beds to be mulched yearly. Approx. 8A to be bush hogged monthly. Prune shrubs as needed.

Current LCO is doing the above.

I intend to provide the following:
1. Mow, trim, blow and edge weekly. (34-36 cuts per yr.)
2. Prune shrubbery 2 times a year.
3. 5 step fertilization and weed control program. (currently working on getting licensed to apply pesticides commercially)
4. Bush hog monthly, 8A.
5. Mulch beds approx, 25 yds hardwood mulch.
6. Trim drainage ditch in back of plant monthly, approx. 500 ft. long.
7. Spray Roundup under chain link fence in front of plant 1000 ft. of fence.

Aeration and overseeding would be an add-on for this bid. Treating shrubs for insects and disease would be extra.

Let me know how you would bid this.
10 or 12 acres? If you want to run with the big dogs you have to do your homework.

You need to take a wheel and measure the following:

I can help if you can provide the folowing

1. lawn area to be mowed with a 62" mower.
2. lawn area to be mowed with a 48" mower.
3. lawn area to be mowed with a 21 " mower.
4. lin feet of curbs to be edged
5. lin feet of areas to be string trimmed.

btw large sites are much more competitivly bid than home lawns.


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Stone you commented that large sites are more competitively bid than rezzies. Here they are big money. I can make $600/day for 10 hrs. on large industrial sites.

This site is open enough to get a 60 in. mower over all of it. Most areas a person could run a 72 on or even one of those wide area mowers that cut 11ft. Current LCO is putting in about 12 man hrs a week doing this site. 3 men mowing with wb's 52 up to 61 inch cuts, and one guy trimming. They are there minimum of 3 hrs.


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I just looked at the pictures. HEY!! That's my account! You dog.... Just Kidding ;) But it would be amusing to log on to your favorite web site & find everybody discussing how one of the other members is going to take your account from you.
I have a 60 inch Dixie Chopper. The spreader I have now is a 175 lb pull type spreader. Most of the area is smooth enough that should be able to run 8 mph or better on a rider. My Rich only ran about 7 mph tops. I measured this site about 3 years ago to overseed it. That's how I know it is between 10 and 12 acres.


Most of the LCO's here are not on the internet, I've asked most of them that I run into at the dealers, or gas stations. Some of these guys don't even have a computer. I agree it would be very amusing to see one of your accounts on your favorite website. :eek:

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With slashing(bushog) I would price that at around $150-$170
AUD per cut.($130-$150 USD). This is dependent on travel
time and how smooth and clean the terrain is.