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    Okay, heres the moment you've all been waiting for. I bought a book from Bill Phagan and one from Phil Nillson in the past month. I waited till the last one came before I said anything about either because I don't want people to think I'm promoting one or the other. I got Phagans &quot; How to be succesful NOW with your green industry Biz&quot; and Nillson's labor time data handbook. Both get 3 thumbs up from me. I heard good and bad about both, but they were both great. Bill's book hits the comedy notes so its very easy to relate and understand the information, and it leaves a lot of room for imagination. He gives you some guidlines for all aspects of running your biz, but leaves room for your ideas, and gets you brainstorming. That would be a great book for beginners to start with. A lot of it was a review for me but I got learned some new stuff, that I said Duh, why didn't I ever think of that!!. Nillsons labor time data handbook is in a different class ( because of the content and purpose of the book, but he also has lots more titles, as does Phagan) I also found this book to be a great one. It breaks down everything you could ever think of and gives you average times for the jobs at hand. Its a great estimating tool, and lets you break a simple estimate such as mow trim and blow down into sections. Its a great help if you don't think your bringing in the profits you should. My favorite thing I noticed about the labor time guide was that there is plenty of space between the time estimates for you to include your own times, maybe that differ from the average, or on a task not mentioned, or notes you want to remember about doing a certain task. Once you get out there, check your times against the averages in the book, and throw in your own notes and $.02, you will be the master estimator!!! Well I hope this helped all you new guys out there that can't get enough reading material on our industry, but haven't made up your mind on these books yet. I hope lawnsite admin doesn't get mad but I guess I'll point you guys in the directions to find their books. Phagan has a link on top of this page(blue print on the right of the yellow bar) Nillson can be found at, sub-section labeled Nillson Associates, I know a lot of you have given pictures for my &quot;equipment picture page&quot; and the links for both are there also.<p><br>Happy Readin!<p><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti
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    Guido,<br>Thanks for all the kind words ... about The Labor Time Data Handbook but to tell you the truth, I'd rather not be promoted by anybody at this site because it usually results in a round of personal attacks. But thanks for the coverage anyway, I appreciate it nonetheless.<p>Phil Nilsson
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    Sorry, gotta add my .02 regarding Nillson's labor time hand book. <p>Man, what a lot of info! Been in the business full time for (4) years now. But I had to do time studies on myself to derive my own formulas (stop watch and everything!). Then i ordered 'the book' to see how others cook up their times and numbers. It's like guido says (paraphrase), what a great tool for someone just starting to quote his/her jobs or for the seasoned vets to compare and contrast their current operations...
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    Hi!<br>Well so far i have Mr Phagans two books, his new one and his problem solver one. As dave said it is great for beginners! I have learned so much. I like the humor, and how he emphasizes on the business part of the profession. That was something i almost forgot. I was not aware the nilson had a book, i will have to check out the webpage. I have heard of the book but did not know it was by him. The title is very tempting. That would come in handy for me, becuase i have had family friends say i need you to trim for me, how long will it take you, i cant answer them. Well thanks guys!<br>Scottie<br>STS Lawn Care
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    Well now that you brought me back into this conversation ( I didn't ask for this promotion) let me tell you a little something about Nilsson's Labor Time Data Handbook ... first of all it took me off and on four (4) years to develop it. Lot of people use it. Who? glad you asked:<p>Over 5,000 landscapers nationwide<br>Disney World maintenance operations<br>United States Government Facilities<br>Harvard, Yale, M.I.T. all the top colleges<br> and teaching universities<br>Busch Gardens, Mirage Resorts, Hilton Hotels<br>Towns, and park departments in US and Canada<br>Horticultural teaching colleges<br>Sold by PLCAA, CLCA, Lawn & Landscape Mag,<br> Landscaper Publications, Ohio State Univ.<br>In use by every major city grounds dept<br>Williamsburg Historical Society<br>Hershey Foods, Toyota, San Diego Zoo, Environmental Care Industries, Brickman, The US Navy, West Point Military Academy, Cities of Norfolk, Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and so on and so forth.<p>Each year the Labor Time Data gets upgraded, new items of work are being added. The current addition has over 500 separate work tasks times that cover most of the work that landscapers, maintenance people do. For those who didn't know ... now you know. The success of this book is just the tip of the iceberg as to plans I have on the drawing board right now that will wake up this industry as never before. <p>Do I need more help selling this book to viewers at this site? I don't think so.<p>Did I ask that Guido start this post? I don't think so.<p>Do I care if anybody buys Labor Time Data as a result of this long post? I don't need the extra business to tell you the truth. I just wanted to inform that why more landscapers don't have a copy has always been an amazement to me. Everybody should have this book. If you still want it, buy it at at the Online Store. If you don't want it, no problem<p>Modestly yours,<br>Phil Nilsson<br> <br>
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    Gentlemen,<p>Thank you for your kind words about my will also find educational and informative articles on many subjects discussed on this site at lawnsite home page in the upper right side &quot;tips by Bill Phagan&quot; as well as additional articles on my site at All articles are free so the price is right and info very educational. I inject humor to make the reading easier and more enjoyable. Check out the articles at both sites. Think they will provide a boost to your business and thinking. It's been my experience, smart people in this profession want to be educated. Others choose to shun education. And business issues should be the #1 priority for learning, followed by horticulture, employees, customer relations and equipment. Phil and I are here to help and only you can decide if you want it or not. My expertise covers over 20 years in the profession in all phases of the industry. Add in Phil's experience and you're probably looking at roughly 40? years of info that can shorten your leaning curve, give new insights into your business and help your family. My mother used to say &quot;if I knew then what I know now&quot; .....didn't appreciate this until I reached about 26. I fully understand it now that I'm &quot;39&quot;. It was my experience faster equipment did not impact my bottom line that much but business and hort knowledge, coupled with systems and procedures and being a pro-active manager had nothing but positive results. Someone once said to me &quot;if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting&quot; Many of us are more successful than others and may not need support....but 20-30% of LMO's do not make money in this profession. A sad comment in a $60 billion a year profession.<p>Bill Phagan<br>Green Ind Consulting, Inc.
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    Hello Everybody:<p>First of all Guido is a great guy & he has been around a while. We've contacted each other quite a few times & he again is one great guy!!!!! That's a fact Jack!!!!!<p>Now Phil has been around a while & he has really contributed a lot to this Great Forum, why I don't know. Just about anything he does somebody manages a way to give him a hard time. You know what?<p>I'm jealous too, but I'm not going to give Phil a hard time about it, just because he knows a lot about the Green Industry!!!!!<p>Now we are down to Bill Phagan, LOL I don't know what to say about him. We know one thing he is here to help too. Looks like he is putting in some time here helping others. I like his articles & I'm jealous of him to because of his knowlege in the Green Industry also.<p>I'm glad to see Guido, Phil, Bill, Erik, Chuck & all the others that are here. Each & everyone of the people here are all part of the master plan of this GREAT FORUM being No.1!!!!!<p>I forgot to mention me, LOL thats OK, I'll get my plug in at the bottom of this page.<p>Why are we all here? Well I don't have time to figure out all of them, but here's a few & you guys can do what you want with it.<p>Let me see now: Help others, make money, save money, save time, make friends & so forth.<p>I really enjoy comming here, it makes me feel like I'm still in the busines. I really miss it with all my heart!!!!!<p>I'm for anybody, no matter who they are?<p>I just want this forum to be #1 & it is but we all could make it better if we really tried!!!!!<p>BTW, Guido really gave Phil & Bill both a nice compliment, in a very positive way. If I was selling books & he made a post like this that 1,000's will read. Well I would do something very nice for him.<p>Hey, sorry it's just my idea & I'm just one of a little over a 1,000 members of this great site. I've just cast my 1/1000th of a vote.<p><p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page
  8. phil wrote:<p>&gt;Do I need more help selling this book to viewers at this site? I don't think so.<p>Instead of writing books maybe you should start reading them.<p>Try this one first:<p><br>
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    mister stone--can you personally recommend that selection you cite?<p>GEO
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