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    Good points on the lack of available employees-it's an issue that's not going away anytime soon. However if you have employees that are long term it would boost their pride in their work to have a certification. And they could mention it to clients as a way to enhance the image of your company as well.
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    I go through great lengths to prevent employees from talking to customers.

    Not in the business model.
    And we don’t pay for chatting.
    9/10 times they end up offering free work.
  3. Love the Green Biz

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    I understand your point. I only let a foreman speak to clients. The rank and file are told to only in emergency situations.
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    Everything you said here is totally true. The skills that I am most interested in are performance-based as the soft skills like customer service, etc. are pretty much my forte. In my area speaking English is standing out from the crowd.
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    This is very true and often overlooked. People who, for example, think that because they can't get a job with a Masters degree need to go and get a PhD are furthering themselves even more from the job market by distinguishing themselves in a way that actually makes them less employable, not more. This is like doubling down when you are placing a losing bet. Good post and I agree completely with the practicality angle.
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    I let them all lapse
    Along with my Cdl

    None of which I use for my profession

    Out of the thousands of applicants I’ve reviewed/interviewed in the last 10 years
    One of two had a CLT.
    Colorado and CT

    In no other state have I met a CLT
    My gosh I’ve met more EMTs casually (I’m met certified I just don’t do it as a profession) applying for a job than I have CLTs!
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    If you send me $99.99 I will send you a certificate that says your certified by Eggy! That's right tell your customers your Eggy certified! What says I'm a pro more then Eggy certification! only 99.99! Act now! Be a pro!
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    I had my CLP and let it lapse. It was totally worthless.
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    How much is the test? You get to take it as many times till you pass?
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    I think it was free for anyone from any state, and I think you can take it as many times as necessary. Once you pass it cost $25.oo a year to have your name listed, as being certified. And it is available to anyone, regardless of whether they are in the business, or not.

    Once you pass, there are opportunities to get the (12 I think) continuing education credits needed over 5 years, either on line or at seminars to continue your certification, or after 5 years you can take the test again. The training is free, and can be accessed through:

    There are people from other states, mostly neighboring listed on the " Certified Applicator" list. The current list is very small, since we need to send in the $25 each beginning of the year & I know I have not received notice that it is open now to pay for another year.

    From Rutgers Profact site.
    "Anyone interested in fertilizers used for turf is welcome to view the training material (no fee required). Simply click on the Table of Contents tab above to start viewing the training material. If you want to view the training material and receive credit for online certification training, please follow the instructions to the right under Quick Start Guide to Certification."
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