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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Rick G, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Rick G

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    Would someone please help me compile a list of words, sayings or terms relating to this industry and this site? I come to Lawnsite daily and I find the information here invaluable. A list of definitions to reference when I come across a word or saying I don’t understand would be great. Let me give you some examples-

    Newbee- someone like me!
    Scrub- a low baller that does not have proper insurance or business license? (Not me BTW)
    Z- I realize this is a large mower but are there features that make it a Z rather than a ‘riding mower’?
    WB- Walk Behind- again this to me is self-explanatory but what differs it from a push mower? The fact it’s self-propelled? Are they all self propelled?
    Stick Trimmer, etc, etc

    I think you get the picture. Trust me I realize that there are more terms relating to this industry than can ever be listed here, but thanks for the help anyway.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year.
    Rick G
    West Palm Beach, Fl
  2. Southpaw

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    Welcome to the forum Rick,

    You have found a wonderful place to get great advice. I will give you a few terms and leave the rest to the real pros.

    Z means ZTR or Zero Turning Radius. The mower that I had before going into this business had a turning radius of 18 degrees. A ZTR can turn on a dime!

    A walk behind can describe almost any mower, but to me, it is a term for commercial equipment vs. homeowner equipment. You rarely hear homeowners refer to WB, they just call it a lawnmower. A WB is a heavy, durable peice of equipment that would be nearly impossible to use without being self propelled.

    Check out some trade magazines for pictures and descriptions of things you aren't sure about. I had some of the same questions when I was brand new and looked for pictures to help me understand the differences between things such as Velke vs. Sulky or Gator wheels. Then there was fixed deck vs. floating decks. The list goes on and on forever. You will find your answers on this site, I promise you. Good luck to you!
  3. precisioncut

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    use the search funtion up top and you find threads on all that stuff that will keep you busy for hours on end. Have fun, and welcome!!!
  4. olderthandirt

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    pita --- a type of bread used by mostly hispanics

    could not resist
    pain in the azz-pita
  5. Rick G

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    LOL. Thanks everyone. I did do a search and have found most of what I am looking for. Thanks again. Rick G
  6. Green in Idaho

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    I would add I consider WB to be a wide swath mower --36"at least, 48" normal and then up. As opposed to a "trim mower" of 21".

    Trim mowers opens the turf up for a WB or a ZTR when necessary and of to do the little stuff.

    Trim mowers,,, not to be confused with "a trimmer" though. :(

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