inexpensive dump box?

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    This might not be a post to the appropriate forum, appologies if I screwed up!

    I'm looking at buying a nissan metric ton truck (has a wrecked RV body on it right now) I'd love to just go to the wreckers and get a box, but these trucks never had boxes (its a dually)

    If I buy it I'd like to build a box (preferably even a dump box) But I don't want to spend a fortune on it, ($ is tight, first year in buisness). Can you guys possibly suggest some ideas as to how to do this relatively inexpensively, without sacrificing durability?

  2. Start with your dump system from

    All electric and inexpensive.

    Next find I assume a 7'X8' old stake bed off an old truck. These are like goose kneck beds. Should fit right on there nicely.

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