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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by westerdave, Apr 24, 2007.

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    I am a HS baseball coach with a passion for having a top notch baseball field. Unfortunately I do not have a top notch budget.

    We renovated our infield last year with irrigation and new sod. We did not have it in the budget for laser grading. Things started very well but a lip is forming on the grass edge between 2nd base and 3rd base causing ground balls to "launch."

    What is the best way and time to remove this with minimal impact to the playing surface?

    We have HS games through mid-May here in MD but we have summer teams scheduled to use the field immediately.

    Also, are sport-tine or or shatter-tine aerators available for rent? I need to aerate the infield with minimal impact to playing performance.

    Thanks in advance!
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    i was responsible for 3 ymca baseballs field in orlando Fl many years go. you will always get a lip along the grass/base line border. The grass starts to creep into thebase line, and thenthe sand/clay of the baselines starts to migrate out as it is dragged and dressed.

    I had success with using a high volume garden hose and then "washing" the lip away, you may need to use a stiff bristle broom to help sweep the dirt out of the lip. and then using a roller to help level it. back down

    if you have enough time for the clay to dry this would work. but takes time.

    Another option would be to get a bed edger and actually cut the lip out and then regrade the area. It will make the baseline a bit wider( a few inches), but somewhat lower impact, and faster turnround. You could even use a stick edger and turn it on a angle to cut it out...

    I alway did the machine method twice per year(sod cutter), as we had Bermuda grass so we did to keep the creep down and straighten the edge up. but once a month I was sweeping and washing...
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I should probably be more specific. I think the lip is more to do with settling soil than build up around the skin. for instance, there is gradual incline from 2-3 feet into the infield grass to the edge of the dirt.
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    if the grass is lower than the lines, then you could remove the sod lay in some new topsoil and lay the sod back down. You could top dress to bring the level up....and then let the grass fill back in.If its too high and you need to lower the grass, youre looking at removing the sod, and then removing some soil and then laying the sod back down...

    If the baseline area is whats screwed up, then you need to bring in more clay mix...or remove to get it closer to level but I think your issue are in the grass area.

    Or till it up and start over. but thats not possible with your budget.

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