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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by beaglegun, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. beaglegun

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    A field maintenance supplier came out to our baseball field and took soil samples. He said we have way to much sand and not enough clay. We have brick dust on top and we are wanting to make improvements. He said somebody must have put a bunch of sand in the soil sometime before the brick dust was added. He said we needed more clay so the water would drain into the soil better. I thought clay made it harder for that to happen? He's not talking about calcined clay. He's talking about excavated clay soil. He said we need to dig up the brick dust and till this clay into the existing soil and top with soil conditioner like Turface. I was planning on putting Marmix on top of the brick dust and then using a soil conditioner as topdressing.

    Anybody have any insight on this that can help me out?
  2. jmoore16135

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    You thought right, adding clay will not help water drain into the soil better. But adding clay will help with the playablity of the field if there is to much sand on your field. Continue with your plan on adding Marmix and soil conditioner, it will help your field out.
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    This "field maintenance supplier" is nothing short (and certainly nothing more) than a salesman. It sounds like he was trying to sell you something you don't even need, and his general lack of knowledge (actual outright ignorance) shows it. It sounds as if he wouldn't know the definition of CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) if it came up and bit him in the hind end. lol This guy needs to go in to selling something he understands a bit better, if he's going to do sales for a living. Maybe floor cleaning products or something would be better suited for him.
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    tilling clay into a infield is a tricky thing. I would talk with someone who is a very advid baseball player and have them give you an opino n of the playability of the infield. It could be that their is to much sand down causeing the water to drain through to quickly. Adding clay would help this problme. Hoever if the field does not really seem to have playability issues and its draining well then I would look at using a different top dressing like turface. We usually mixed our turface with some red sand to give it that big league color.
  5. Trim Creations

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    If you look up turface it will tell you that your infield mix should be app 60 to 70 % sand then a silt clay mix with some soil ammendments for playabilty. I have a clay base then 4 iches of red shale, sand mix with the last 2 inches top dressed with red dimond calcined clay mix this mix give me fast drying time and great playabilty. I get my red dimond in supper sacks (2000lbs) bags. And use a top dresser from the golf course then nail drag it in.

  6. huntnfish21

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    I agree witht the last post. Clay will definitely hurt your ability to get on the field after any rain. I have coached college baseball for 10 years and the best stuff I have used is Anglea red brick that is tilled into what you have now. Clay makes the field harder and most players like that until it is time to dive for a ball and hwen it rains and they can't play for a couple of days. Just my opinion,

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