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    I'm in the process right now as many others are of refiguring next years rates. I found an inflation calculator here at

    You can use it to see if you keeping pace with inflation from a given year by entering the starting amount and year.

    Here's an interesting fact. I started in 1995, and the the minimum amt. for most people was $25 then, today that same yard would need to be $30.99 to keep pace with inflation. So, I think with this information, I will be raising my min from $30 last year to $32 this year. Hope this helps everyone get a better understanding on where they are inflation wise.
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    Pritty interesting calculator Brent. I will usually kertique my prices at the beginning of the year and balance the outcome with inflation and actual profit of each individual property. Then I round it up to the nearest dollar increment. I like the calculator your found, may start using it in the equasion. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the post. Good Info

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