Inflo paver system will contribute to reducing the cost of urban infrastructures

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    Techo-Bloc, a company recognized for the quality of its hardscaping products, is launching a new product, the only one of its kind in the world: INFLO, a permeable tongue-and-groove paver that was developed for the industrial, commercial, and institutional markets. The result of major research and development efforts, the INFLO permeable paver can be used to pave large surfaces such as municipal and shopping-centre parking lots. Its unique design allows for the efficient management of rainwater runoff, which percolates directly into the ground and provides a cost-effective solution. In addition, this first monolithic permeable paver is far more durable than asphalt.

    INFLO premiere
    “We’re very pleased to launch this innovative product. INFLO is the only commercial monolithic tongue-and-groove paver in the world,” said Éric Clavette, Vice-president, sales, at Techo-Bloc. “It features an integrated self-locking tongue-and-groove system with vertical, horizontal and rotational interlock. Unlike porous surfaces, INFLO allows water to percolate through the joints and not through the pavers. It offers excellent performance by eliminating water runoff, relieves demand on municipal storm sewers and therefore plays a major role in reducing infrastructure expenses. This technology also eliminates the need for retention basins, which in turn reduces land acquisition costs. We invested close to $1 million in this concept, which was developed by our R&D team. It should appeal particularly to ICI building owners, promoters and developers, civil engineers and landscape architects,” added Mr. Clavette.

    A green concept
    Unlike asphalt, the INFLO concept allows storm water to be directly absorbed into the ground, reducing the strain on our municipal sewers system. Tests by Techo-Bloc’s R&D team showed that the absorption capacity of the INFLO paver system is able to handle the heaviest rainfalls recorded in the past 50 years, a rigorous standard.

    Moreover, INFLO pavers are made from concrete and are generally light in colour, which means they reduce the heat islands effect created by impermeable asphalt surfaces. Since concrete has a higher solar reflectivity index than asphalt, it absorbs less heat, which significantly reduces heat islands. This will, in turn, result in lower energy costs for air conditioning and improved air quality.

    Adaptable product for a wide variety of surfaces
    These permeable pavers can be used for such applications as shopping centre parking lots, public squares, residential streets, emergency access and routes, driveways, patios, sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks. Based on lab and field studies, the INFLO system’s design and installation process is adapted according to four variables that ensure its efficiency: type of soil, regional rainfall conditions, loads and traffic intensity to which the surface will be subjected to. These results will also determine the types of aggregates to be used as part of the permeable system. In other words, the Inflo paver system takes into consideration the uniqueness of every project.

    The contribution of R&D
    The Techo-Bloc R&D team did extensive research on the pavers’ design and the type of foundations required to ensure long-term durability, stability and permeability. To design and develop a high-performance permeable commercial paver, they established and tested different foundation configurations based on existing conditions. They tested the effectiveness of the tongue and groove system and ensured that the paver met the highest manufacturing standards. Since the pavers are to be used for large surfaces, the team also developed a mechanical clamp TB100SI (patent pending) which increases the efficiency of installation. As a results, decreasing the overall cost of the system.

    “We are extremely proud to launch this new product today. It shows there is real added value in investing in research and development. But what we are most proud of is to have developed a paver that meets LEED standards and therefore contributes to improving the environment, while maintaining a competitive cost” concluded Mr. Clavette.

    Competitive cost
    The cost of this innovative paver compares favourably to other solutions. To cover the same surface, paving and drainage would cost: $62/m2 with INFLO permeable pavers (water retention through its own structure), $95/m2 for impermeable asphalt, including underground water drainage using culverts and $60/m2 for impermeable asphalt with surface drainage.

    About Techo-bloc
    Founded in 1989, Techo-Bloc is a family-owned company that specializes in the design and production of a wide range of hardscaping products such as pavers, retaining wall systems, patio slabs and masonry stones. The company’s goal has always been to develop products that blend seamlessly and harmoniously with the natural environment. In the last 5 years Techo-Bloc has developed 5 new residential permeable pavers and has strongly promoted their ecological benefits. Techo-Bloc serves residential and ICI markets from its 7 plants—4 in Canada and 3 in the United States. The company currently employs in excess of 400 people.

    For more information please contact Vanessa Angell 877-832-4625 x 243 or

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