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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by librarian, May 10, 2007.

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    I'm a homeowner with about 1.7 acres to mow. I've been using a Swisher trail 60 to mow my yard for 7 years and it has been good to me, but it is beginning to get a little tired. I am considering a ztr mower to replace it. I have been researching alternatives for a ztr. I figure it would take me quite a few years to put more than 400 hours on a ztr, so I am considering a residential grade mower. I've been reading this forum for about 2 weeks and another one over on the Tractorbynet web site. I have done some searches about the Quest on both forums and have not found much. I would be grateful for any experience any of you might have with the quest. I looked at their owner manual online and it looks like this model has zt2800 drive units. These are very common to Dixon, Cub Cadet zforce models, and several other brands. Whatever information you might be able to give me about the Quest or its component parts will be very mucy appreciated.

    Don Williams a.k.a. Librarian
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    look at the eXmark phazer
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    new machine for this year. Real heavy duty z for consumer use. You give you lots of service. I have personally run one of these machines.

    I personally would recommend a lazer ct model because it's not that much more compared to what you would spend on the quest and it sounds like you need something solid. It will probably be the last mower you buy for 20 years or so.

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