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    I am taking the ornamental and turf supervisory test on March 9th. I am entering into the 5th week of the class @ UCONN. I have received some great info and am learning alot. Does anybody have anything specific they can tell me about the test? Thanks
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    The CT test is sometimes subjective where you may need to choose the "best" answer of several possibilities. The Core (safety part of the exam) is very easy. Focus on studying the Category manual.
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    It is multiplechoice, multiple answer. They will give you 4 or more possible answers, and 1 or more will be correct. All I can tell you is study the material. They have a bank of hundreds of questions and then randomly generate the tests from this bank. I believe that no 2 tests are exactly alike. I have been told it is one of hardest, if not THE hardest tests of its kind in the nation. Alot of guys fail it the first time, but a bunch pass it too. I got mine on the 1st go, as did quite a few people I know.

    Know your math, know your chemical names, be able to figure lbs of AI per container of product, there is a slide portion where you have to identify plants, etc. from pictures. They tend to be fuzzy, so don't be afraid to ask to see them up close. Know what products treat what problem. Know the properties of the various chemicals.
    The safety part is, in myu opinion, mostly common sense. But do know the specific rules and regulations.

    Good luck and let us know how you did!!

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