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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by olm4434, Apr 9, 2010.

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    I am from Florida and did Landscape Management from 16 years old to 27. I was forced to drop out of school and go to work. From 27 - 33 (current) I have been driving a delivery truck.

    In three weeks i will be moving to Plano, Tx and basically starting over. I plan to go back to school get my GED and a Career in the IT field. So over the past few years i get really bummed when i see Lawn Care Companies out there on the road. I really miss the industry.

    So i am thinking about starting up in Plano,TX. However i have some questions:

    In Florida its year round business. In Texas what do you do during the Winter Months?
    Is there any advice you can offer.


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    I am not from Plano ,but near that area. Plano is a nice but i doubt you will be able to find work in the landscape industry. 99% of the industry is Mexicans. Low ball big time. All of my work is commercial so i cant speak for the residential.
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    howdy rod, Ive got a maintenance company right outside of plano and he's right its a rough an tough market here. but thats no reason to walk away from what you want to do. Let me know if i can be of any help. I am actually looking to hire a worker full time right now so if your looking for work and not ready to start up your own thing give me a holler. Ill only be looking shortly there is lots of people looking for work but let me know somthing soon if yuor interested
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    just re read your post. and seen your questions. My bussiness only has two of the winter month's that i consider off time and durring those month's i feel like im as busy or atleast could be as busy as anytime of the year. If it gets slow wich it can some years, we have done lots of other things like christmas lights,firewood and other tree work. I use it as a good time to get everything ready to jump start the next year in spring.
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    If thats what you want to do I wouldn't walk away from it because mexicans are doing it. I started up east of Houston this year and I am doing as much as I want to do coaching and teaching still. There are a ton of mexicans that mow down here to but half of my customers said they would gladly switch to someone they can have a conversation with and understand what they want. Again set yourself apart from the others by offering better service all the way around and you will get business on that principle alone...Not everyone is looking for the lowball
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    well i need to really think about it. I might just try to do Freelance Landscape Design.

    Thanks for the Info.


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