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    My first post, so please go easy on me.

    I'm in a situation here. I had a break-in at my office. Lost a ton of stuff including product, equipment and computers. At this point the files that were stored on the computers are my biggest concern, insurance will help replace product and equipment but those files can not be replaced [every one...learn from my mistake...back up your files and keep them in a secure location!]

    I am in need of pictures of landscapes for a marketing project that is in the works and I have a bunch of money invested in. For me to wait untill late May to retake my own pictures would cause some financial hardship.

    I am a big believer in using pictures of my clients properties in marketing my service, but I really have no choice at this point in time. So, I need some help. Can anyone direct me to a place I can purchase pictures of cool season landscapes? I'm in need of about 50 photos. I wish I could say money is no object, but it is! I need affordable, quality photos and quickly!

    any help?


    BTW I've been a lurker here for some time and know that its a great place to come for help...........HELP!
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    Hi, try Focal Point, they have stock photos of currant landscapes........doesnt seem verrry ethical for us to send you Our photos?
  3. no_longer_lurker

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    thanks for the reply...and quick too.
    yes, i wouldnt expect anyone to send me their pictures, i know i would not send anyone mine. i will try focal point.
    I thought there was a site associated with lawnsite that had photos and graphics for sale?

    again i appreciate your help

    any other places i might try??

    many thanks!

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