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Somerset, NJ
TG,<br>&lt;Trade Magazines: Still leafing through their web sites, et. al. I'll let ya know what I choose.&gt;<br>Don't choose-get 'em all! Most are free subscriptions and you will never receive an issue of any of them that you can't learn something from.<p>


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Holy Crap, Phil!<p>What the heck kind of forecasts are those?!<p>1 & 2, guys like you had me ready to sell all my equipment in the late 70's when PGR's became popular and new cultivars promised &quot;less mowing&quot;.<p>Yeah, right!<p>With the kind of spring we had this year, my guys have grass coming out of their ears. I'm sure grass cultivars will continue to be made that have a more lateral growth habits, but in the last 30 years, all the claims about not having to mow has been SLOW in coming to market, will 20 more get the job done? <br>I doubt it. <p>#3 About water might have some validity, but it'll be awile in the Midwest.<p>#4 & 5 are already true, thus observations, not predictions.<p>I know you don't like folks who disagree with you, but I'm not making any retirement plans yet.


True Story.. I am 24 years old and I swear I can remember sitting in my 1st grade class and my teacher telling us when we were old enough to drive cars would be flying.<p>Im sure you can tie that into Phil's message. I think the greens industry is a 60 billion dollar a year industry... they will have to justify losing that 60billion.<p>I also image they have a cure for cancer but to solve that problem would mean a change in the economy as we know it.