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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kyfireman2004, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. How and who do you use to sub out payroll?
    What all do the companies do and pay out too? fed. tax , state tax, workers comp, SS, unemployment, retirement, med.ins? Am I missing something?
    What kind of fees are you looking to pay out for this service? Anything else a person would need to know about these firms?

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    i used paychex a few years ago they were good atg first then they started adding little fees here and there till it ended up costing a lot more than the quote was.

    Now i use quickbooks and it works real good. only cost like 100 a year prints out a nice paystub and/or check and all tax forms aleady filled out, all you have to do is sign and mail.
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    i use paychex. they take care of everything. all you do is give them payroll over a phonecall. i found that they are cheaper than my accountant doing payroll taxes every quater and plus i dont have to deal with the payroll crap.
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    I just figure on 20% of the employee's rate including workers comp. You might try a local payroll company and tell them to beat paychex. I had paychex, but they were overnighting the checks... the local company just mails them... it all adds up. Plus with a local company, you might be able gain an account.
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    Paychex has been great for us, never a mistake in over 7 years. My biggest complaint is their office used to be about 2 minutes from mine so picking up checks was convenient. Now they moved and it takes 15 min to get to the office :cry:
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    I was wondering how many employees you guys have. I would like to start payroll service for me and one or two employees. How much would it cost for 3 people to get paid on a bi-weekly basis? Also, how much is Worker's Comp and other taxes that you have to match to be completely legit. For the past for years, I have just 1099 my employees that help out. I know that is the back door, but what are you going to do when you are a small outfit. I am growing a lot and would like to start this in March or April.

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