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  1. natureman

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    Anyone ever tried the infra-weeder for getting rid of weeds in lawns where a customer wants to go organic rather than spray pesticides? Maybe its known by another name as well but I believe it works by propane cylinder which provides an extremely high temperature in a 3" area and the result is that the plant cells explode. This is what they claim. I want to know how effective it really is. Anyone tried it? Thanks!
  2. BigJim

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    Burning the weeds off can work if done properly,but often the result is no better than running your trimmer over them,it knocks them back a little,but unless you kill the roots off the weeds just spring up again.The City Council here uses a salt water organic spray to spray around water meter boxes that appears quite effective.
  3. dan deutekom

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    Burning them off works sort of...... but it is kind of like p....... into the wind.

    I don't see salt water as "organic" and I question the enviromental responsibility of introducing salt to the soil in concentrations required to kill weeds. jArn't these same municipalitys trying to cut down on salt used on roads because of enviromental concerns?
  4. BigJim

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    Salt Water comes from the sea,thats pretty organic.Most organic weedkillers are salt based.
  5. shickey

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    Are there any type of selective organic weedkillers on the market?
  6. White Gardens

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    I use a weed dragon on a driveway on a property I maintain.

    I agree with the above posts. If it's an annual weed then it will die, if It's a perennial weed or heavily rooted then it will just zap it and come back.

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