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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Groomer, Jul 19, 2007.

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    Hey hardscapers! I'm a lawn guy, but I love checking out your work, alot of good stuff! Anyway, alot of you guys seem to work around pool stuff, and since there isn't a pool section on lawnsite, can anyone point me to some websites and/or info on inground pool installs? I'm in the planning and info gathering stages for my own backyard, and any info would be appreciated. I'm already leaning towards a constant depth vinyl liner in a kidney? with a small waterfall and pavers surrounding..... Thanks!
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    look into trade associations in your region. they probably have links to lots of information.
    try the Northeast Spa and Pool association (nespa) and go from there. We do alot of work around pools and spas, but we sub out the actual construction of the pool. we use mostly concrete wall vinyl lined pools. this is for versatility purposes. good luck.
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    Maybe something like
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    You guys do sub out the pool construction?? I read a article in the NESPA magazine about one of your projects. It just seemed like you guys did it all in house. Whats the main reason you guys do the concrete wall liner pools? What advantages do you guys belive there are over gunite?
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    Hey Cedarcroft:

    Nice jobs profiled in HOME magazine. :drinkup:

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