inherited business


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Preston, MD
I have recently inherited a lawn care business from a family member. They held a Maryland Home Improvement License. They have passed away and I now need to get a license. What I don't know is if I can just have one in my name without a business name since the business is tied up in an estate, but the current license will expire in a month since the holder has passed. So really, could the company continue doing business with me holding the license as an employee?
Does anybody know?
Thanks for your help.


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Cumming, GA
I would ask the lawyer if it was me.

But if business was left to you getting the name put into your name is a visit to court house, or at least here.

What I am not sure about is you said business license was for home improvement, that might require you are certified to run and own that kind of business, here it is a completely different license.