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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by oldrelic, Jul 26, 2009.

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    My location is Western, WA.

    I have a front yard that is as dry as can be and infested with moss. about 3 days ago I sprayed some moss killer and all of the moss turned black. Now I was trying to rake it out manually and its not very fun. The front lawn will not seem to hold any water at all right now. I keep reading about aerating and thatching and I'm not sure which way to go first. I called a few companies and got a few quotes but all want to start in September. I would be glad for that, but I am deploying in the middle of Aug. I would also love to at least make it look decent myself.

    The back yard is just patchy with completely bare spots vs just dry grass. There is a ton of moss on the shaded areas.

    Here are some pictures of my lawn, the moss, and a few pieces of my front and back yard.

    Any advice on getting something started ASAP would be appreciated. I can rent the equipment, I just want to get a jump on it before I deploy. Thanks!
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    Moss grows there for a reason. Why do you believe grass will grow there? What kind of soil are you dealing with? The other areas don't soak up water- why?
    Rushing blindly into a situation only makes work with no results. You will likely be no better off during the month of August than if - you had waited till September.

    Chances are that aerating and topdressing with seed will help the areas that actually can grow grass. I won't start that around here for a couple more weeks yet. WA could be different.

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