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I am doing 95% residential that has been acquired from flyers and word of mouth. I do 2 small commercial (18k and 6k sq ft)properties also aquired from word of mouth.<p>Next year I want to start taking on some medium sized commercial properties. There is a good number of them being built in my area now and I am wondering how to approach them. Should I make up a full color advertising packet or do the cold call or show up on site and pitch my business. Also who do I approach? These properties are a minimum of 3 acres and I'm not looking for much bigger than 6 acres if that matters.<p>I'm just wondering what worked for you when you decided to get a little more commercial.Thanks.


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MowEd,<br> I would have a brochure done up with<br>some pics of your nicest jobs.Either phone or<br>visit subdivision project managers,estate<br>agent,ect. and ask if they would be interested in you pricing some of their jobs.<br>Offer to leave a brochure or post it,with a<br>business card.If you approach in person,dress<br>tidy,don't smoke or swear,and be confident<br>when you answer any questions.It makes people<br>uneasy if you stumble and mumble your responses.<br>Any further questions,I'm at<br><p>Karl<br>

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