Initial thoughts on 07 CASE 465

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ksss, Nov 13, 2006.

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    I have not spent a great deal of time in this machine yet but I will give the run down on what I think of it so far.

    Positives: I am guessing that this machine has atleast 10% more torque than my 03-95XT had. I have been loading trucks with it since I got it. It digs into the pile with a 1 yard bucket with ease. The hydrualics are faster than my old 95XT. The controls have less resistance and are more smooth. I wasn't anticipating an increase in productivity going with the new machine in this case. I didn't think that the changes over the last couple years were all that significant. They are though. The machines engine and drivetrain are more refined than in years past. There are have been updates on the maintainance side that will make life easier. Physically it looks just like the 03 model.

    Negatives: I am dissappointed in the cab. The 440 I bought this Spring had shown signs of improvement and am happy with the layout of that machine. This machine has some of the improvements but not all. For those not familiar with the cab lay out there are two compartments on each side with cover. The controls for the AC and heat are in the compartment on the right. The 440 has these controls on the cab post on the left. Much easier to see and operate. Why they are in the box on these machines I don't know. The hyd. coupler activation switch is in the box on the left pushed way to the front where it is difficult to get at. The 440 this switch is on the cab post. easy to operate and see. Mechanically I don't have anything negative to report. It sucks fuel near the rate the last one did. I have not run it enough to get a good feel of exactly how much fuel it uses. Loading trucks it is hard to tell exactly.

    I'll post more on it after I get back from Big Sky. We'll be at 9500 feet moving a lot of material so I will get a good feel for it. I'll certainly be testing the heater.
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    See if you can't get some pictures of the new skid at work in Big Sky
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    I hope you're not thinking about this thread slink to the end of the world, KSSS! :)

    I saw a 465 with VTS while I was driving home today, but by the time I left home, it, too was leaving the site. I never got to see it in action. Looks like a beauty, though.

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