Innoculating grass seed

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by srm077, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. srm077

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    I searched and did not find much so here goes...

    Everyone mentions is but what is the actual process? How is the innoculated seed then applied? Is it feasible on a large scale?

  2. Kiril

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    Inoculate with what?
  3. srm077

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    Mycorrhizae and or anything else that would be good.
  4. BostonBull

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  5. ICT Bill

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    Innoculating seed with beneficials has been done for a long time, it started with legumes in the 40's and 50's
    In turf seed you have probably seen endophytic seeds, these have been innoculated with endophytic bacteria or fungi. In most cases, the purpose is to fight off typical fungal disease that effect the seedling in order to get established in the soil, these endophytes, in theory, stay with the root of the plant for the rest of it life and fight off potential pathogens

    DIY innoculations are simple and very effective, research pre-germination and instead of just plain water use some aerated compost tea for each cycle. Seeds vary in time to germinate rye can germinate in 3 days, KBG can take a month so it is important to know how to do it other wise you will have a big ball of rooted seedlings, try to fit that into your spreader

    If the end result of applying compost tea is to get beneficials in the ground then innoculating seed is a great way to do the same thing. With this method you actually have the beneficials being drilled down into the soil by the root of the plant.

    Pretty cool
  6. srm077

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    How will the 1,2,3, compost tea work? That is what I was planning on using.
  7. muddstopper

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    It works. I have started adding 2 oz to every tank load in my hydroseeder and I seem to be having better germination, even in dry July on none irrigated sites. I havent had the opportunity to try it in side by side same site tests yet, so there are to many varibles to give all the credit to the tea.
  8. phasthound

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    You are brave! Seeding in July on non-irrigated sites, I'm impressed. :)
  9. treegal1

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    we have no choice some times, the ditch needs to get green and stop washing out we go and do it!! for that mater dec is just as bad as july here, maybe less wind.:dizzy:
  10. ICT Bill

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    Mudd, What is the size of the tank? In theory the gallon of Hydroseed should do 8 acres
    at a cost of $0.0001875 per square foot or 0.19 per 1000 it is a nice insurance policy and results too.

    Thanks Mudd

    Do I owe you a discount for the next round? LOL

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