Innovation and refinement in US mowers

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    IN the 60s and 70s the American auto industry did not innovate much, just kept selling the same car. This opened the door to foreign imports and the industry lost the majority of the market share....

    Same thing happened with much of the musical instrument industry, 20 years later... in the 80s and 90s US guitar and drum set industry kept making the same instruments...Only thing that changed was the rising price. This opened the door to foreign companies to make better more innovative and responsive instruments while at the same time costing less money ... Many US instrument makers just folded.

    Will the same thing happen to the lawn mower industry ?

    I saw a Honda home owner 21 inch mower at a landscape shop.......
    I remember in the early 70's seeing the first Honda cars at a motorcycle shop.... In the early 70's there were no Honda car dealers around so they sold them along side their motorcycles

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