Innovative uses for BlackBerry to further the operation

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MFNA, Apr 11, 2011.

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    Being young, I think I have a very good grasp on technology. When I see a better product out there, I will be the first to admit it. Right now I dont see a better product out there (at least in the US), and certainly not the blackberry.
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    This is the new BB Bold Touch that is coming out soon.

    It has the same full keyboard as the other BB's AND it is also touch screen.

    It's a very fast Berry.

    I plan to get one after it has been out for a while, let them get the bugs worked out of it first.

    For now I will be content with my BB Curve 3g, great little tool.
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    And you won't pay a premium for a name. I don't think much of a company that puts out a product with a known flaw and then tells the public to just put this rubber band around it to fix it.
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    Well said I agree 100%

    I have an HTC Inspire Android and think it is a much better phone than an iphone, Our company plan is with at&t and while they suck in general, they suck even more with an iphone on the plan. We have 2 iphones and 2 HTC Inspires on the plan, I have mine unlocked so i can tether with my laptop. I hate the stupid apple software and the gay charging cords that only work with the iphone or my wife's ipod, which i hate as well. I do like to play games or read books on the ipad but other than there is no point for it.

    Apple crap is overall a huge gimmick, they are making record profits off this i phone craze, the screens break super easy and cost a fortune to have repaired they have had major software problems, the signal strength sucks compared to just about every phone i have ever owned including my 4 yr old Samsung flip phone. You shouldn't have to put a expensive case on it just so you can carry it in your pocket with out the screen or the back cracking like a cheap Chinese knock off, they only have like $70 in the phones and are making a killing off peoples stupidity.
  5. ive been with AT&T for 8 years and have had no issues. My signal is always great, my iphone is great, and the screen hasn't broke. Then again, I do take care of my phones and have only had them go bad due to them being a crappy phone to begin with. I still have my Samsung Blackjack that i have had for 4 years....Also, all phone chargers only work on that particular phone. Sounds like you are just bitter towards apple or something. i dont own an apple computer, but i love my iphone. The majority of smart phones are expensive, so i dont get how it is a gimmick.

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