input on a gravely pm 34z??

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I am thinking of buying a pm 34z due to the price and the fact that it can fit through 36" gates. Being a ztr i could use on all my accounts and still be ok, and not have to get the 48" wb off the trailer except for the bigger acounts when i would run both. I was looking at 36" wb but i can get this for about $500 more then a hydro wb. Any comments on this unit, it is new this year so im not sure if anyone hs used it yet??




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I tested one and was very impressed with its cut and the ability to discharge grass. It has good quality pumps for a unit that is priced at this level. I hope to get this or a larger Gravely. I have to get rid of my Toro 32" before I can make this purchase though.


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Bolivar, MO
I looked at one at the local dealer's today. Looks like a well built unit, basically a scaled down version of their larger mowers. Probably wouldn't be great on slopes due to the narrow profile, but it is a mower I would definitely consider if I buy a second unit. Neill