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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GreenMonster, May 14, 2006.

  1. GreenMonster

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    I've done a few small sod jobs, 1-3k, varying access and some with lots of cutting.

    Now, I'm bidding a 17k install. The front is essentially a wide open 100x100 square. Obviously, a wide open large area like this, the sod will go down much quicker than the small areas I've done in the past. I'm looking for a little help in estimating the time it might take to lay this sod.

    The 10k front yard again, is wide open. Very few areas to cut around (1 bed, 1 raised planter) It is on a slope, so I don't believe it can be done with big rolls. So, with a CTL to place pallets, and 3 or 4 guys (whichever is most efficient) to stage and place the sod, what's your estimated manhours?
  2. Cahsking

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    :cool2: I'm guessing your doing almost 2.5 acres? I always use this equation. Equipment used+ Skill needed (by man by hour) x Time= Labor Price. This is an 8 hour job easy. Two lay the sod, two tighten, one in the loader. Switch every 1.5 hours to keep from getting too tired. Thats my two cents.:cool2:
  3. GreenMonster

    GreenMonster LawnSite Silver Member
    from NH
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    First, it's 17,000 ft2, that's about 1/3 acre. 2nd, 5 guys to lay 2.5 acres of sod in 8 hours????
  4. AintNoFun

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    i'd sure love to know what 5 man crew is doing 2 1/2 acres a day.. thats some equation you got there..

  5. 6'7 330

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    Me to , and I will hire them lol.
  6. AWJ Services

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    100 dollars a pallet for minor prep and laying is the going rate here.
    Thats labor only.
    I add extra time for any extra grading.
    Thats 3400 dollars.
    Will take 3 to 4 guys a day too complete if the sod arrives in good shape.
    5 guys seem to be the perfect setup for big jobs.
    One triming ,cleaning up and touching up bad spots.3 laying.1 moving the sod and helping.

    I try too keep the Skid Steer off the prepped yard as much as possible.
    Most I ahve layed in a day with 2 guys is around 20 pallets.
    Layed 50 pallets the other day with 5 laborers and me finishing the prep work.
    These all are 504 sq foot pallets.
  7. wski4fun

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    is the hill still there after all this rain? Is it steep enough that you have to stake it?
  8. Cahsking

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    Ok I took the 100x 100 as 100000 ft. Which is what in Acres??? Yeah thanks. 5 is a good number smartys!! And what job is 1-3K?? If it takes 5 guys longer than 4 hours to do 1/3 of an acre something is wrong...especially when it has landscaping there. As for hills use a pin.

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