Input on rear suspension airbags for light trucks.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Exact Rototilling, Apr 30, 2011.

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    here is my baby 6819db28b59b.jpg sorry so small im learning lol

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    one more 110201035324PM71311.jpg

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    May be I am to old but what can you do with that truck. It was a lot of work to build and it looks good but for me I can not see it.

    everyone has some type of toy
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    We have helper spring on a few of the Frontiers that we have, they help considerably, but once unloaded, the ride stiffness is too much.

    The way to go is adjustable airbags. I have the Airlift 5000 bag, air compressor, with wireless remote on my 09 Tundra. At the touch of a button I can control the exact ride comfort. Fyi, I've had this system for 60k miles with no trouble at all, the only thing done was replace the batteries in the remote.

    If anything, get something, your suspension will thank you in the long run.
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    I have some on the rear of my f250 that came on it when I bought it..(today) but I have yet to be able to play with them much or have a load
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    Not trying to be a wise guy but Ford made the rear springs EXACTLY the same for the F250/350, the only option being the overloads but my 250 has them and most that I have looked at. Trust me this has been talked about extensively on a reputable ford truck site and confirmed by Ford. The only thing that changes is the door sticker for GVWR and a 2" rear block for 250's and a 4" block for 350's thus giving the 350 a taller rear stance. The DRW trucks are different and maybe the current trucks. Below is the info from the other site.

    The question that seems to keep coming up week after week is

    " What is the difference between a F250 and a F350"

    Here it is:

    There are 3 differences between the SRW 250/350...
    1) F-250 vs F-350 badges
    2) 2" rear spacer block in 250 vs 4" in the 350
    3) *most important* GVWR for F350 SRW is 9900 in most states and the F250 8800 in most states.

    From 99 to mid 2001 the srw trucks came with a Dana 50, Ford started using the Dana 60's on all F250/350's from mid 01 to present ,the front axle is identical on both trucks, including springs.

    Springs in the Source Book are EXACTLY the same:
    Front Leaf 250/350

    3600lb 1.12"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 350(deflection)
    4000lb 1.18"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 370(deflection)
    4400lb 1.18"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 390(deflection)
    4800lb 1.18"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 410(deflection)
    5200lb 1.18"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 430(deflection)
    6000lb 1.25"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 470(deflection)

    Rear Leaf 250/350

    6830lb 6(leaves) 3.86(thickness @ pad) 58.1"(lenght) 3.00"(width) 320/670/1209(deflection lbs/sq") 3603(rating@pad lbs/spring)

    Rear leaf DRW
    8250lb 6(leaves) 3.95(thickness @ pad) 58.1"(lenght) 3.00"(width) 350/730/1270(deflection lbs/sq") 4187(rating@pad lbs/spring)

    And if that is not enough, here is a email, submitted by John aka johnsdiesel, that he received directly from FORD

    Dear John,

    Thank you for your message of 06/24/04 regarding the 2002 Ford F-250
    and 2002 Ford F-350. We appreciate the time you have taken to inquire
    about the rear leaf spring specifications of these vehicles.

    Thank you for your interest in our products and services. Rugged,
    practical, capable, innovative - these are clearly qualities of Ford
    F-Series Super Duty trucks.

    In an effort to assist, we have researched your inquiry and according
    our records, the rear leaf spring specifications for the 2002 Ford
    and 2002 Ford F-350 are the same. They are:

    Super Duty Series/Model: F-250/F-350 SRW Pickup
    Combined Rating @ Ground: 6830 pounds (lbs.)
    Number of Leaves: 6
    Total Thickness @ Pad: 3.86 inches (in.)
    Overall Length: 58.1 in.
    Width: 3.00 in.
    Deflection Rate (lbs. per in./ spring): 320/670/1209
    Rating Each @ Pad (lbs. per spring): 3603

    We hope this information is of assistance to you. Ford's goal is to
    make your ownership experience an enjoyable one. Your loyalty is
    and appreciated. We would like you to continue to enjoy the many Ford
    products and services that we have to offer.

    At Ford Motor Company, we consider the satisfaction of our customers as
    one of our most important objectives. If you have any other inquiries
    or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to
    address them.

    Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.

    Ford Motor Company
    Customer Relationship Center

    I have the air bags and well worth the money. The air lines that firestone uses is the same product for truck air brakes....probably tough stuff.
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    web site for rear air bags for dodge ram 1500 ????????
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    Just use your internet search!
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    thanks , air shocks aint workin

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