Insane financing purchasing on Standers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SCAPEASAURUSREX, Aug 21, 2003.


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    Hey I think I just saw something insane...... For the Wrights they have a 0% no payments, no intereest thing that I can get a new stander now and not worry about payments till April of 2004 ??? SOmebody please go look at this on their website and tell me if I am holucinating ???

    John deere had 120 days no payment no interest.. But Wright is a bit better deal..... If i read that right...
  2. Richard Martin

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    The interest rate is 9.8% once regular payments begin in April 2004. If you can pay the mower off before that time it's a great deal on 2003 mowers.


    If you can afford to pay the mower off before April 2004 why not wait, save the money up and buy a 2004 Wright (if they're still in business)?

    With the Wright sales on Ebay and this deal it seems like they are having difficulty unloading current inventories. They are literally giving mowers away in an attempt to move them or so it seems.

    The above paragraph is my personal opinion and is not based on any facts.
  3. walker-talker

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    Nothing new, seen Exmark, Gravely, Lesco and others that run the same deal every year.

  4. redbull

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    kubota also - big time. no nothing for 3 years, THEN they hang it in your a##

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