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insect control... how do ya charge?

Doster's L & L

LawnSite Senior Member
OK I know most of you are tired of people asking how to charge for this or that, but after extensive searching, I've found nothing. I'm interested in knowing how you charge to keep the insects under control in the landscape. Do you charge per bush? per unit of herbicide used? per 1000 ftsq of landscape? Is there some kind of warranty that you give if a plant dies? The reason i ask this is, the Terminix guys have a warranty for your house if it succums to termite damage under their contract period. Thank you in advance.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Pinckney, MI
Warranties are not given here. Does a doctor warranty cancer treatments? I have heard experts report that 50% control is the best that can be acheived on many species of white grubs. So although you treat, some turf damage may occur. If you get into guaranteeing control, be it insects or disease, you will CONSTANTLY be challenged by "know it all" homeowners looking to save a buck at your expense. If a Guarantee is what they want, wish them luck finding a company that will give one. You can guarantee that you will apply the proper material, at the proper time, at the proper rate to CONTROL the pest. We charge 2x the cost of a regualar application to apply Dylox, 4x to apply Merit. Is this expensive? Yes, but we do not sell it as a purely preventative measure. We will make a recommendation to treat only when grubs are present in the lawn or in neighboring lawns, or if an infestation has occurred in the last 2 seasons.