Insect repellent Plants an other stinkers

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Ric

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    What are some stinky plants??????

    I had a strange Request from an older customer. They are seeking Smelly Plants of all kinds. My first reaction was Night Blooming Jasmine since I personally hate that smell. But Night Blooming jasmine draws in Bugs.

    Society Garlic and Confederate Jasmine also come to mind. But my sense of smell has never been great so I need some help listing plants that stink either good or bad smells.

  2. There's this vine at one of my customers neighbors that has a bad odor...maybe Rangoon creeper??
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  3. gunsnroses

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    Check out scented geraniums....many to choose from
    Moon smell on earth
    chocolate flower...yellow with black center, I can find a link if you need
    camelion plant - houttuynia - stinkest pile of crap ever---can be invasive
    pineapple mint, chocolate mints
    tons of smelly sage
    lavender, rosemary
    lemon grass
  4. gunsnroses

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  5. Keith

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    Skunk vine stinks, but I don't imagine they want that :D

    Lantana smells. Nandina can smell like cat piss at times. Some viburnum have a strong smell. Add marigolds to the list of small plants. People plant them around their veggies to keep bugs away.
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    Just picked up 75 Society Garlic for a site that has a very abundant deer population, they won't touch it. My hands are still stinking from handling it and I have washed them several times.
  7. Landscape Poet

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    Not really stinky I guess it is point of view but if they are wanting to keep pest away how about tobacco plants?
    Henbit - is general pesticide plant
    Catnip - is suppose to repel ants.

    If smelly is all they care about how about sweet almond shrubs - I enjoy this one as it is a sweet yet light scent.

    As far as pest repellent i think if we new what pest in general that may help answer the right choice in plant material.

    Here is a link that has some of the companion plants that also list the pest to help lower the population.
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    Wax myrtles are natural mosquito repellents...

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