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  1. woodlawnservice

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    I've got a custoner with some sweet gum trees that when they moved into the house were severely neglected and overgrown... they had the trees topped and while most are doing fine now, one has died completly, and 2 now struggling... the two struggling have been losing bark near the trunks... falling off in big pieces... they r signs of borer hole all in the lower 10ft of the trees as well... some branches appear to be dead on the tree as well to... even though these had been topped, these trees are still 50ft tall... I have my licenses but I never do much insecticides.. never rreally.. what products work well for this application. Id like to know and learn more about these for future references ....
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  2. countryclublawnllc

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    Safari from Valent, although pricey, will handle most all tree insects. Mix with Pentabark or a comparable bark penetrant and spray from chest height down until it starts running off the bark, right after leaves form. I'm sure there are other options as well.

  3. woodlawnservice

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    Thank you I will look into them.
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  4. RigglePLC

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    Merit (imidicloprid) works well for emerald ash borer in Michigan. Soil drench is the easiest way to apply. Make shallow holes around the base of the tree about 6 inches from the trunk and pour the solution into the holes. Hand sprayer or backpack to fill the holes works fine. Follow the directions carefully--use the maximum rate--don't skimp. It is absorbed by the roots and carried up to the branches. Start when leaves appear in spring.
    However this is really a tree question. See a tree forum. Or call a tree pro. Those trees sound like they are in bad shape. Could be too late.
  5. woodlawnservice

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    The two in question are in rough shape one.being worse than the other.. at the very least the client wants me to try and save them.... you can't just replace a 50ft tree very
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  6. Hissing Cobra

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    Imidicloprid (Merit) as Riggle suggested will work pretty well as it will be taken in systemically. Onyx could be used to spray the first 10 feet of the bark but you'd have to spray at the precise time when the borers are headed up the tree and into the holes or when they're making their holes. Two sprays of that should be spaced about 15-30 days apart. You've got to remember that the insects are already inside and once inside, they're very hard to control. The Merit will work best in that situation. Either way, those trees will need to be treated yearly from now on.
  7. woodlawnservice

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    Sound like an application of both if allowed wouldn't hurt... also all trees there sounds like should be treated... I know a nursery recommend prob me Bayers spray work well and its what they use??? Why or what causes the bark to
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  8. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Imidicloprid Merit works the best
    What I like to do soak a rag and wrap the tree
    One time had cut leaf maple Got bores and I treated the ground and wrap the base The tree look pretty bad. It lived for 2 more years. Then a twister rip it apart .
  9. jc1

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    If you have bark falling off more than likely you are too late.
  10. woodlawnservice

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    Oh don't tell me that! Both of them just sstarted losing some Last fall. The other had been all summer.most of the tree still looks good. Only 2 of the main limbs had died back....
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