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    I have used Demand CS for lawn insect applications. I am a pest controller and have ventured out into the lawn business the last few years. I have used demand on houses and its the best product I think on the market and it has a t/o label so that is why I use it, but the stuff is spendy. I have used Talstar on structures for pest control for flies and such and the I get call backs galore so my opinion on talstar is that it sucks. But I have never used talstar for lawns. Am I wasting money using Demand? Is talstar a good product for lawns, just not structures? Also, what is the residual on talstar and what frequency are turf insect applications made, twice a year, every 6 weeks? I have been getting alot of calls for tick jobs lately, more than I usually get. I am charging about 3 times as much per treatment for insectide vs. herbicide treatments. also I am recommending only 2 treatments a year with demand at max rate.
    any help would be great.
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    we have good knock down with tenguard for flea and tick treatments. Talstar granules are almost as expensive as Demand but you will not get real residual with anything outside. We do our treatments once a month from March to November.
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    Is Demand CS labeled for lawns ??
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    talstar is ok...thats the best i can say about it
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    Aack! I just used some Talstar PL for the first time for ants on a lawn HOwever it is such a fine granule (like very fine sand), it went through the PG spreader super fast. I used up 12 pounds in about 2 minutes. What setting do you use? Or do i need a special kind of spreader?
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    Demand CS is microencapsulated lambda-cyhalothrin. That is a product with very high killing power and residual. Talstar, while it has good initial killing power, is not microencapsulated. I only expect a month or so out of Talstar. In my area, pests are active 365 days. Products with too much residual can be a double edged sword, it is easier for pests to become resistant. For lawn pests and vectors(mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks) I alternate between Sevin and a pyrethroid like Talstar or Tempo. All of my accounts are annual maintenance contracts, so I am there anyway. There is no special trip just to spray, however I never set myself up for callbacks due to treatment failure. Creating a population of insects immune to pyrethroids is one path to failure.

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