Install Auxiliary Hydraulics on Kubota B7800

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by yacht, Jun 16, 2004.

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    I am the owner of a Kubota B7800. I like the tractor for the most part but I need an auxiliary hydraulic to run implements. Has anyone ever installed one on this tractor? Can it be done at all?
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    Below are a couple of posts I copied from another forum ( It discusses adding a rear hydraulic block to a B7800 which I think is what you are wondering about. Hope it helps.


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    Adding a rear block to the 7800 is "possible", but not at any reasonable price or effort. I own the 7800 and have looked into the differences, and you probably don't want to go there. The only hydraulic block on the 7800 is in the front, but can be plumbed to the rear for rear hydraulics, either through the loader valve PBY, or dircetly. Check out Tractorsmart, they have kits, or do it the way I did by buying the parts directly. I added rear hydraulics to my 7800 for about $250. Just be careful when looking at control valves to stay in the 8 to 12 GPM range, or you will end up with a pretty sizable chunk of iron for a valve.

    If you are interested in any more info., let me know. I'd be happy to let you know exactly what I did. I believe the trencher Kubota offers is PTO driven, and uses a hydraulic top link for angle control on the trencher.

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    The B7800 doesn't have a rear hydraulic block. To get rear hydraulics you have to disconnect the loader valve's PB hose from the front block and extended it to your aux spool valve(s). The PB from the aux spool then goes back to the front loader block. The return hose still connects to the tank as it normally would. 2 longer hoses and a union fitting are all that is required. This is the way the Kubota and TCC units are plumbed.
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    I have a Kubota B8200 I would like to put a rear hydraulic block on it. Any help and guidance you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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