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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by MikeK, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. MikeK

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    There are two primary ways to install a residential system that I am aware of.

    One is to run a main line all around the property and place a valve box housing a single valve wherever you need to have a zone. A 9 Zone system will have 9 of these little boxes dotted all across the yard.

    The other method is known as " California Style" here in MN.

    This method uses one or two larger valve boxes that house multiple valves. This method is nice because you can usually hide the valve boxes in the landscape rock.

    What do you guys see as the advantages and Disadvantages of each install method? Which method do you use and why?

    Thanks :)
  2. DanaMac

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    Never heard it called the "California Style" but that is the way most resi jobs are done here. PVB or RP comes out the side of the house, copper into the ground and elbowing over into the manifold. Some larger jobs we will do another manifold around the property with multiple valves. But never singular spread out through out the property. Just the way I was taught here and the way most comps do it here.
  3. Mark B

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    Here in the wet season of NC we will put the valves dotted around the lawn. I personally don't like to put 3 or more pipes in the same ditch that is why I do it that way. I think that most of the companies do it the same way here. I have been thinking about trying to pull tha pipe. Any coment on pulling pipe what type of pipe are ya using? Don't ferget about the first question.:D
  4. MikeK

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    Here in the great white north, every residential job is pulled in.
    Most use Polly pipe for the entire system. Some use PVC for the mainline and Polly for the laterals. either way, it's pulled in.
    Using a Vibratory plow is MUCH faster than trencing and you don't have to cover up the trench. Plus, there is very little damage to the lawn.

    I have never understood why some people would want to trench the line in.
    Anyone have any reasons why?
  5. SamIV

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    Mike K

    I don't do enough installs yet to justify buying a vibratory plow yet. Can't rent them here either. No distributors stock poly pipe here. As I have stated on a previous post, I have a company willing to try to pull my pvc for me, but they have very limited experience. They use plow to bury cable. Haven't taken them up on this yet. Need to talk to someone who has experience pulling pipe. Any takers email me and I will call you.

  6. HBFOXJr

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    California aka "manifold system". Don't like them and don't want valves in rocks or mulch beds. It's a lot messier job with a lot more footage although it uses more wire. BUt 3 pipe runs cost more than 1 length of 13 conductor wire. I like a clean main line system but will frequently cluster those single boxes where practical for maintenance reasons. We also make as built sketches (not to scale) of all jobs for maintenance or operating purposes.

    Although I'd like to use 10" boxes aesthetic resistence is too high, so we use 6". Yeah they get coverd by grass but are easy to find with a tracker when needed. If digging is ever required it is easy compared to rocks, roots, trees and shrubs.

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