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    Hello everyone,

    In regards to holiday lighting install services, how do you justify your prices? Are you telling customer you charge $X per foot + labor + take down? Just presenting an overall price and selling the package as a convenience service with no detailed breakdown?

    I have done installs on a small scale in the past, but am not doing it under a business strictly for seasonal lighting. I have 10 customers already, but am trying to determine the best strategy for pricing as we begin marketing.

    Thank you,

  2. hotrod1965

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    You need to base your roofline by the foot, but you dont have to tell your customer if you think it will confuse them.
    You could write the quote "Install C9 LED's on roof, custom cut to roof - $500"
    To come up the $500 you may have counted 75 feet of roofline, but you don't have to put it in your quote.

    The real trick to getting good $$ for holiday lighting is to have a great sales presentation and follow it up with good work. If you walk in and look nice, have nice paper work, give a confident quote on the spot... You'll win high end quotes. You just have to do good work once you get the job.
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    This has been a good starting point for me.
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  4. K c m

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    80/hour because this is electric and you can burn the house down and we who do this do carry electrical insurances. 3 hours install 2 hour taking down and packing after xmas = 5 hours. $400.00
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  5. Graham Oldreive

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    a couple questions
    1) are you doing new installs or installing customers lights?
    2) do you have insurance and Fall prevention training?
    3) are you carrying inventory or do you order as needed?
    4) do you do service work?
    5) what equipment do you have ?
    all the above will effect your cost. the biggest one is insurance, if your feet leave the ground you need insurance. I have to carry $2 million when working off ladders or on roofs, You should know the basics of electrical as well so you don't accidentally burn a house down.

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    Our takedowns for 5 hour plus installs are less than an hour plus add an 15-30 minutes for driving and we just started last year. Why so long to takedown?
  7. K c m

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    Good evening Cameron.
    1. I fold neatly and place back in the boxes for neat storage
    2. Extension ladder for high spots
    3. a few customers like lights in the trees.
    Normally I eddm the Higher end neighborhoods because middle class folk install themselves.
  8. _Cameron_

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    Makes sense. Trees make a big difference. Also we only use the leds for houses above 10’ rooflines, so we take everything down with poles and if they drop against something it doesn’t break a bulb or filament. I can have all lights removed in about 15-20minutes for 150ft, another 5 minutes going around and getting any clips that didn’t come off and another 15 to box up. There’s two of us doing it.

    The main reason I don’t use incandescent is how fragile they are. We’ve literally been installing and the clips start to fall out at 25ft and drop all the way. All bulbs still work and look good. Pain in the ass but at least we don’t have to remove broken bulbs and replace and try again at my cost. Plus incandescents burn out too often and use to much energy.

    Last year I spent two hours trying to fix bulbs on a garland with incandescent minis before I gave up and gave the client a refund. I installed his entire house faster and made $200 on the labor for it.
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