Install Vegable gardens?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mrusk, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. mrusk

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    I've been brainstorming ideas on how to get offer more services to customers and i thought about installing vegable gardens. Everyone likes to have gardens. You could take up the grass, till, lay down cloth or whatever then plant the vegables. You could even put up chickenwire or similar material fence with a couple treated 2x4s. You think this seems like a service worth adding and getting lettered on the trailer?

    I know a guy who has a little green house on his property who grows tomatos and other vegables as a hobby. I can get them from him real cheap. This seems like something pretty profiable considering the fact my dad already has a big honda rotertiller that i'd use.

    What do you think?

  2. Rustic Goat

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    What's a vegable?

    You want to be Farmer Brown, go for it, reality (I think), is that vegetables are far too cheap in grocery stores compared to the price and hassle of 'grow your own'.
  3. walker-talker

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    The taste difference between a store-bought tomato and a home-grown tomato is like night and day. The same with may other vegetables. As far as marketing this as a service, don't think it would go over well. Most do this to either save money or as a hobby. To pay someone to do this would defeat both those purposes.

  4. Rustic Goat

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    Never said home grown doesn't usually taste batter.
    Although, have had some Colorado hydroponically grown tomatoes bought at Kroger's that were darn good lately.
    Ditto on what Matt said in reference to hobby.
  5. Green in Idaho

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    Yes, it's a good service.
    No, it's not going to be very popular.


    People today do not have the time to do their own gardening. Even if you till it for them for FREE they will not be able to garden and maintain it. So unless the plan includes weekly weeding, tending and care the garden will be a PITA for the h.o. So that option would include doing everything for them from planning, seeding, and harvesting. Bang! For $x I'll drop a bushel of produce on your doorstep from your own 'organic' garden.

    For those that do and MAKE the time, they already have a garden. OR they'll till it themself. That's why they're called 'gardeners".

    However IF you enjoy gardening, I know people who grow their produce and sell to their customers. You are there weekly anyway, why not deliver a bushel of something unique. NO ONE is going to pay you much for zucchini or big boy 'maters. BUT grow something unique and fresh and you can supply small grocers, restraunts, gourmet homemakers, and roadside.

    Happy tilling.
  6. I do a little bit of tilling in gardens. Had the tiller for personal use and started doing for customers. Never could get anyone to pay for adding compost to a vegetable garden.

    "BUT grow something unique and fresh and you can supply small grocers, restraunts, gourmet homemakers, and roadside"

    How about those smiley face radishes-I'd buy a load of those. Think the pic was in a thread "You got to see this".
  7. hnter

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    i make a ton of cash designing and installing raised bed gardens of all types--vegetable, flower, rose, etc...done correctly they can be very low maintenance and people love them...of course, i'm not talking about tilled up ground and chicken wire, either, but depending on your market the idea can be very lucrative...drop me an email if you want more details...
  8. mountianview

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    IM looking at heirloom tomatoes ck out carmel tomatoefest they Gary Ibsen sell seeds plants of the best tomatoes in all the land , Im thinking along the lines of complementary tomatoe garden for season mowing agrements or free plant with every mowing ,have greenhouse ,green thumb,seeds are $2.95 for 30 seeds think it would work as somthing to open the door ,make contacts for landscaping contracts ,free tomatoe plant might bring door hangers more sucess ,Im going in this direction this year!!I think it will work real well How would you feel if someone knocked on your door with a nice tomatoe plant and their door hanger in hand ???
  9. Runner

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    We used to do it, and it just got out of hand. We started getting SO busy with them that it was cutting too far into our maintenance and cleanup time. If you get the word out...and to the right market, it will explode on you. Don't ever let ANYone tell you it won't work, or that there is no market for it. While it was mostly tilling we did, there were plenty of plantings. Sometimes we would only do partial plantings, sometimes we would do the whole thing.
    Helpful Hint?: Here is where your main market is...
    There was a GREAT feeling of gratification I would get form giving something to somebody that they normally would not be able to do. People have lived their lives, giving to this world kindness, goodwill, and understanding. Many have even given to our country. Being as a fact that gardening is one of America's favorite past times, it is understandable that so many people like to do it...unfortunately, many, as they grow older, are no longer able to. The work has just gotten to the point where it is too much. They just don't have the power and strength to do the groundbreaking. This is where we come in. We are giving the ability to people to go out and enjoy fresh air, enjoy being outside, and most of all - giving them a source of pride, piece of mind, and enjoyment doing something they LOVE to do, but would normally be unable to if the grunt work was not being done for them. I see it...These people are loving life! When I can go by, and see people like Mr. Brewer and his wife (of around 50 years) out in their garden watering and such, they are all smiles when I pull up to say hi. Again,...THIS is where I find my contentment.
  10. mountianview

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    Im looking at starting 55 packs 30 each 1650 seeds if half sprout and survive 825plants when there 2 -3in high Ill have them to hand over with my door hanger to perspective clients ,to grow into the cups on there windowsills till planted .If they want a garden planted or landscaping services my foots in the door, I have to get some lawns to mow, and Im already there with the door hanger. $145 cost seeds, we already have one greenhouse Ill convert portable garage into another Ill plant what I dont use for promotions in our 1/2 acre yard ,wetting agents will be used to keep watering times down I need clients and I will give something for nothing to win them over, I know this will work, free tomatoe garden for full season signups /10 plants each thats 165 clients $ 100 value , plants ,tilling ,wire ,wetting agents , organic fertilizer ,people love to make money or save money !!! no lowballing on lawn services .

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