Installation over existing concrete stoop

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by steveair, Oct 20, 2001.

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    just wanted to post a up date and ask a few questions on the job.

    I finished building the out side perimeter of the stoop and also all of the stairs leading up to it.

    I took bits and pieces of everyone's advice, and came up with this.

    I am using techo blok creta wall stone, and built 2 steps that are independent of the stoop. I will use cap as treads for the two steps. I set/planned the two steps so that the top block is just about even with the stoop, so that I can overhang a tread off the top of the stoop, but still have it independent of the stairs which will move over time. Therefore, I think I solved the problem of having settling around the perimeter of the existing stoop.

    Here's my problem. The existing stoop brick work was quiet uneven, so I had to grind down a few spots to get the cap(which will be the top stair tread) to sit evenly. Because the cap is only 3 inches thick, and the pavers are 2 3/8, I have a slight problem because the caps sit a little lower now where I ground and now the pavers are close to flush with top of the cap when I sit them on top of the stoop.

    I had planned on getting a 3/4 inch bed of sand under the pavers, but now around the edges it will only be about a 1/4 inch.
    Because of pitch, I will be able to get the sand under the pavers father back on the stoop, but the problem is the first 1 foot behind the cap on the stoop. I'm not sure if this is going to work.

    I've been toying with the idea of using thin-set/mortar to fasten the pavers to the top of the stoop. Not sure what the best way to approach the matter now. I've never done work like this and am not the best mason. Not sure if I will be able to float the thin set even enough to make it perfectly level.

    I really wish I demoed the dam thing now!


    One more comment.....

    After investigating some, I realized the stoop was constructed of a cinder block base with a poured concrete slab on top and then brick face work.

    If I were to have demoed the thing, I would of had to fill in a large 4 foot hole with fill whether or not I removed the footers or not.

    The way I see it, I may have done the right thing now because if I were to fill a hole in like that and then build on top of it, it would definitely settle out. I know I could compact the hole with fill every couple of inches, but it still would settle out.

    It seems like in situations like this, the only true solution is to do another masonary stoop with a concrete footer. But....I don't do those so this is the best solution for me:)
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    Steve try a epoxy motar leveling coat and then glue the bricks on.
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    I see no problem with laying pavers on 1/4" of sand.
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    thanks for the tips so far,

    I picked up a few bags of the epoxy mortar, and will be hopefully making a run at it tomorrow. Had to get the caps glued on first so wanted to let them set tonight.

    Still thinking of trying the sand first, but I don't think its going to work. I did a job a few years ago where we could only get a 1/4 of sand underneath some pavers and as I rembered it was a pain.

    Also worried about the sand washing out from under them. Since its on concrete, the little bit of water may be enough to wash that small layer out.

    Decisions, decisons.

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    Again, as always, just wanted to say thanks for the help!







    I had to make a few changes during construction. I had to completely demo the first step as it was just beyond repair or restructuring. So I built 3 new steps.

    As for the paver delimna, I ended up going with stonedust, after many pondering thoughts..... It worked out excellent.

    Now only time will tell me if I did a good job or not......


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    Looks good Steve
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    Came out pretty darn good Steve!

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