Installed a lawn roller this afternoon.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Pennington Lawncare, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. I had not been particularly impressed by the amount of stripe that my new Predator Pro was leaving so I added a roller. I bought this roller last Fall at TSC for $20 on clearance. It was meant to hook to the trailer hitch of a regular lawn tractor but, I cut the bars off and did a little bending and hole drilling to hook it to my zero turn. I was pretty satisfied with the results on my neighbor's yard and the pictures don't really do it justice since the pictures were taken at 7 pm and it wasn't really as light as the pictures make it appear.




    If someone has a blade recommendation for my Predator Pro to help enhance the striping I'd be glad to hear from you. Thanks
  2. TheC-Master

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    They are solid, but they seem like they could stand out a little more IMO. Is there a way to lower the roller slightly, not *too* low though because it will wear out fast, but just low enough.
  3. yardatwork

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    Stripes look good! I'm just worried that when you back up, you might "pinch" or wedge the roller and then bend those support arms. I just bought two rollers that mount to my deck and can be adjusted in height...Harrison Specialities. I'm now the guy who leaves lawns looking like golf course grass!
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    Yes, it's a striper thou, not a roller, thou that looks pretty nice for home grown material, really a job well done, hope it lasts.
    On the notes of backing up, simple answer, don't.
    Or at least TRY not to, and it might not be a problem.

    Oh, blades...
    I would just try the 'other' kind, there's really only two kinds, they are all either 'mulchers' or 'high lifts,' well, basically.
    Swap one kind out for the other and run it for a day, see how that turns out, might work better, might not.
    Either way but then at least you know that.
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  5. Oh well, this thing lasted for a few yards and was doing fine until I backed up into a small ditch. Where the 2 rollers meet in the middle one of those came undone.

    I'm thinking about having one made out of 4 inch metal pipe or getting a stripe kit. I'd like to see a good picture of the Bob-Cat striping kit for a Predator Pro if anyone uses one or has installed one themselves. I think the best route would probably be one with the greasable bearings on the roller mounted to the deck.

    yard at work do you have any pictures of yours? tnx
  6. Big Bad Bob

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    Not to bust your bubble but I can leave stripes that good with my Toro without a stripe kit. I have seen Hustlers without stripe kits do even better.
  7. dishboy

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    Like you can tell from a picture on the internet.

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    My Husky stripes better then that....w/o a striper too...but you are on the right track...joe
  9. Big Bad Bob

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    You do have a point, but why post the pics then. It's all we have to go by.

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    the high lifts on my bobcat WB stripe pretty well. if your not already using these you might want to try

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