Installed strobe light in "unusual" location:

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 75, Feb 4, 2002.

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    OK, I admit I installed this light for plowing but I am also planning to get an amber lens for it as well so it can be used when towing etc. It's similar to the flashing blue light on my cab roof, but smaller: Measures 4" dia by 4" high. I wanted it installed so it's visible from behind the truck, came up with a location that effectively hides the light itself from view.

    The spare tire mounted atop my headache rack - another "home-made" creation - sits on a dummy hub made from 4" pipe. The is room inside the rim to clear the light, so I drilled and tapped for two 10-24 screws. One of them provided a convenient ground, also the base was sealed with silicone where the wires pass through because the supplied gasket "don't work no good" on a round surface.

    Power was run from the same switch that powers the roof top light since I want them both on at the same time anyway.

    In use the flash from the light reflects off the aluminum plate that holds the 3-light cluster and backup light, but unless you actually look up inside the spare tire you don't see the light itself.

    headache rack.jpg

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