installing 61" deck on Husqvarna z-turn

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by haybaler, Jun 16, 2007.

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    I'm taking off my 52" deck on my husky and ordering a 61" deck. I have the parts manuals for both decks and am only ordering the new parts that are different (the deck just comes by itself). the housings are the same. How many hours do the idler pulleys last? I'm thinking of buying new ones but there about 120 for all 3, also can they be lubed at all? any suggestions would be appreciated. I want to make sure I order all the right parts I need to do the swap in one day and be back to mowing.
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    There is no set time period for the life of idler pulleys due to different conditions they are used. One that washes their unit more often than others or leaves the unit on a open trailer in wet weather will see less life from idlers.

    Idlers have sealed bearings and are lubed from the factory so no greasing is necessary, Although some will squirt oil on top of the bearing so it will seep inside. BAD idea, The oil that does seep inside dilutes the grease therefore leaving nothing but the oil to lubricate the bearing. Oil is too thin to maintain proper lubricating properties under daily (hours at a time) use.

    If you do wash your unit often engage the deck after-words to sling any water puddled in the center of any pulleys out so not to seep inside the bearings.

    If you leave it on a open trailer 24/7 invest in a $6/10 tarp to cover it when not in use, This will help keep rain water out of the pulleys until they are engaged the next time.

    I have seen 6 month old units that looked to be 2 years old, I have yet to figure how some can spend boo koo bux on a unit to make their living with and let it go to pot.
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    All you should need is the deck shell and a set of blades. Idler bearing shields are now standard on all LZ's and iZ's. I would recommend ordering and installing them. It dramatically increases bearing life.


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