Installing a concrete form walkway

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by horsegoer, May 6, 2008.

  1. horsegoer

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    I am starting this project in my backyard. I have done several searchews and have come up with slightly different ways of doing this. The walkway is going to be 50' long by 4' wide. I am digging down about 4-5". Then I will lay a base. Is this correct?

    My main question is regarding the forms. what if they don't fit evenly side by side. Say they form is about 3' wide hoiw do I fill that 1' gap? The form won't fit int there. Sorry if I am not explaining it clearly.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. Smokey03

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    I am not sure what your asking. Give a little more detail.
  3. senatorcongressman

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    I think he's talking about those "cookie cutter" forms. Some resemble stepping stones. They are ~3' wide but he wants a 4' wide path.

    I dunno but maybe you could line the sides of your path with flexible board, stake it for support. Then cast the inside the forms and the space outside the form also.

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