installing draintiles to prevent erosion

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawnkid, Jun 18, 2003.

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    Ok here's the situation, I was asked by my boss to give him a suggestion on stopping some erosion so maybe you guys can help me. At one of our apartmenns we have an area that gets some erosion. There are 2 small hills(the ground from the bottom of the hill to the top is like 5 feet so you can kinda picture what kinda slope it is. Anyway, when it rains, water comes from the first hill and washes away the area of grass right next to the sidewalk and it collects at the bottom of the second hill where it washes all the dirt and debris right onto the sidewalk. now there is a sewer about 10 feet away from where this erosion is so I was planning on trenching 2 holes. One at the bottom of the first hill and one at the bottom of the second hill and installing some drain tiles perpendicular to the way the water is flowing. Would this plan work or what else would you suggest? I am open for any suggestions right now.
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    I would stack a small rip rap stone where the water rushed down the hill. Rock should hold dirt in place and slow the water down.
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    I would consider a dry well in there some where to cathch the water.

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