Installing French Drain

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mblanco2000, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. mblanco2000

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    Well I went out and bought the 4" smooth schedule 40 pipe. I was concerned w/ putting that much rock on the corrugated stuff and collapsing it. From all the reading I have done and the information I have gotten on this site, I am going to put the holes downward.

    I will have a trench with good slope and then line it w/ the landscape fabric, then a layer of 1" washed limestone, then the perforated smooth pipe, then back-fill w/ more washed limestone. On the top layer I think I may use some smaller decorative rock, and make a walkway on the top.
  2. Mrsamman

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    If you are putting downspouts in a drain system they should be in a separate pipe and then reconnect with the french drain pipe after the drain section with a Y or T.
  3. Isobel

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    Holes always go down, not up. The water isn't entering through the holes from the top. The trench the pipe is in will fill with water, water enters from the bottom up into the pipe, and the pipe gives the water a clear unobstructed conduit out.
  4. White Gardens

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    Subscribed! Considering my thread was quoted in here.

    And I will say that after 5 years or so, the HO says there hasn't been any problem with the drainage system I installed.

  5. Kiril

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    Holes go down on the solid pipe.

    I will add I am unsure why there is any need for holes at all given best I can see he is just moving water from one point to another.
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  6. Duekster

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    That is what people say. I suppose I was wrong but I have seen pipe try to pop / float out of the ground.
  7. Isobel

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    i too have seen pipe come out of the ground, particularly pressurized systems, however that doesn't negate the fact that the holes are there to allow water to enter the pipe from below, and not above.
  8. andyslawncare

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    This product is called ezflow Ezflow is used in new septic drain fields. Its expensive, but does the job without agregate and cloggs associated with slotted pipe. If you use slotted pipe, use a sock. I usually leave an inconspicious clean out area incase it cloggs, a plumber's camera can locate the clog.
  9. moreira85

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    Here's a question? What do you do with the end of the PVC drain pipe? Do you bring it back up to the surface with a drain installed at ground level? Or do you dig a hole at the end of the trench, fill it with and leave the end of the PVC under ground at this hole. if you leave it under ground I assume you have to somehow keep the critters out?
  10. Mrsamman

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    The open end off the pipe has to be the lowest point in the system. Whether through a curb in a ditch or out in the back yard down a slope. If you can't naturally drain the water then you have to drain the pipes into a catch basin and then install a pump and pump it to the street or where ever.

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