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Installing landscaping around pools / sub work


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Pittsburgh, PA

Here is my situation. I started a couple of weeks ago working for a guy that owns a pool and spa place. He already knows me and my dad. After helping him type up a bid and stuff like that (I work in the store) and looking at how much he's selling the landscaping and seeding around the pools for, I mentioned that I do that kind of stuff as my other job. He told me that he wouldn't mind having me do some of these jobs and things like that. Here is the big question though:

Should I have him give me all the jobs I can handle and I would be listed as a subcontractor or just have him give the customer my business card when the pool is completed if they need any landscaping work done? I believe most of the work would be doing some beds and re-seeding the areas of grass where the loader was in to dig up the ground.

I appreciate opinions on this because he is constantly out doing inground pools and this could be a huge money maker.



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zone 7 CA
I would sub for awhile untell you get the hang of things .He may not hand them your card.Also they may not call you.At least starting out subbing,you get your name known and your work can speak for itself.

Freshcut Lawn Care

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Ontario Canada
I am with sheshovel!

I like the subbing idea as well.

He could include the work as part of the initial quote and you would be assured of getting the work, rather than hoping.

Once you establish yourself, you can go solo!