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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by lazer 46, Sep 21, 2004.

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    I saw the other thread about the parking brake but I wanted to start a new thread because I have a couple questions. First of all is there any drilling to do to install this brake. I've looked at my older Turf Tracer and all the holes look the same as my newer model with the brake already installed. What about the safety switch? Is this thing easy to install? I also would like to know why my dealer wants more than your quoted list price of $150. I would assume that the list price would be the highest price paid but this is not the case. I bought the suspension seat kit last year as a present to give someone and that too was higher than your quoted list price.
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    The installation of the park brake kit is pretty easy. You'll need to drill two holes in each side of the engine deck behind the wheel motors to hold the brake cross shaft bearings. You'll also need to notch the rear of the engine deck to accommodate the cross shaft. After that everything is a simple bolt on.

    Often accessories will run a little more than our MSRP..........sorta. Not all dealers carry all accessories in stock. If they must order them in the usually get hit with some freight costs so they simply pass that along in the form of a price increase.



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