Installing Pavers for a Driveway

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by traderfjp, Mar 14, 2010.

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    I have a 2000 sq. ft. driveway that has been compated down after 35 years of driving over it, etc. Right now there are two layers of asphalt. The asphalt is in OK shape but is looking its age over the years and the wife likes pavers.

    I want to pull up the asphalt without distrubing the base and lay pavers over about an 1" of sand. I have the height requirements to do this. Will this work? Also, I have been getting mixed anwers about using bonding sand.

    I use to landscape and have some experience with patios. Thanks in advance
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    First of all - you say the driveway has compacted down after years of driving on it. So it has sunk and you have "ruts" in the tire tracks? If that's the case then the base or lack thereof is what caused that rutting... so no... IMO you need to completely redo the base or your pavers will rut just like the asphalt did.

    For a driveway you really should have fabric, 12" roadmix base (what we call it here) & 1" screeded sand, THEN pavers.

    JMO I'm sure some of the other guys with more experience will chime in too...
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    Thanks for taking the time to post. There aren't any ruts in the driveway. A few shallow potholes and minor cracks here and there but overall it looks pretty solid. I was just saying that the driveway is 35 years old and after that amount of time I would think it would be well compacted and I might not need to install a base.
  4. Meezer

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    If it was my driveway I would tear it all out & start from scatch.
  5. Hardscaping

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    redo the base. different types of base for different types of materials.
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    Right on.....
    Start from new, you don't want to redo it in two years. A car really doesn't weigh that much when it comes to compacting. What ever you use to rip up the asphalt will leave ruts. When asphalt is layedit gets harder of some time and stronger and will hold up just fine under normal use but pavers are not held together and don't really add strenth to eachother. You need a good foundation of rock and then sand that is really compacted before you lay your first paver.
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    I have a bobcat so I can easily scrape out and re-grade the area. I've done patios but not a driveway. How much RCA should I use. Is 6-8" enough? Can I used a compactor and lay pavers the same day or does the RCA need time to settle naturally with driving over it, etc? I've always used sand for the joints how do you guys feel about bonding sand? It's roughly 2000 sq. ft. Thanks
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    I would love to be of more help but don't want to give any bad advice. 6-8" should be good , not sure about bonding sand, I'd use mason sand but someone should give you the post you are looking for.
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    It is always safest to remove everything, BUT if you find that the base is 12"-14" of compacted gravel and you indeed do not have any ruts, you will be ok to scrape and grade. We have completed well over 2000 driveways since I have started in business and I scrape and lay at least a dozen times a year. I do however educated the homeowner and discount the project if the base is good. The polymeric sands are great as long as you follow the exact directions just make sure you charge extra.
  10. Hardscaping

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    12" of base. Compact in 4 inch layers. you don't need to let it settle provided you install the base right. compaction is key here. you compact properly and you will be fine.

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