Installing SOD rather then overseeding?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by syzer, Apr 6, 2001.

  1. syzer

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    We have been getting a flood of calls over the past week requesting sod. I am not too hip on sod, I have never done anything with it nor do I really wish too. We try to sell these customers for the most part aeration with overseeding.

    My question is why are all these ppl calling me for sod? Do they just want an "instant" lawn? Or do they just not realize what over seeding with aeration will do for the lawn?

    What do you guys do? How many of you install sod?

  2. scottt

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    I install sod all the time, but all we have around here is bermuda. There are very few lawns that are fescue. The only time I do seeding is in the fall for color throughout the winter, but most people around here don't want to mess with their lawns in the winter. I can only remember two lawns that I have ever seen seeded.
  3. Lanelle

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    Because of the heat stress in the summer here, sod will hold up better than a newly-seeded lawn. Seeding in the fall seems to work better in this area because the roots have more chance to become established. People do love the instant results of sod. Improved tall fescue should work well for you. Installing sod is not difficult. There are some recent threads with how-to steps.
  4. syzer

    syzer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks for the info guys. Just that so many ppl are calling asking for it. I hate to turn it down if they dont want overseeding.
  5. Kansas Turf Man

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    You should start installing sod there is alot more money to be made in that area than there is in seeding, and the results always turn out to be perfect. I charge 11-15 cents per square foot for installation. That isn't including prep work, fertilizer, shipping, or taking care of it for a week or two untill it is established. You can also mark up the price a bit if you can get it at a wholesale price from a local sod farm. Too bad your not in KS, OK, CO, or NE. I would have been able to cut you quite a deal just to get you started. Give it a try I think you will really like how the sod installation business works. There is more money in installing it than in growing it, thats for sure. You can make thousands in 1 day if you get enough jobs lined up.

    Good Luck
  6. paul

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    Soding or seeding both can make you money, it dependes on your area and responability. Seeding if done with the right equipment can be just as profitable as sod or more so. Less labor means you can do more acreage than sod.

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