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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mlong30, Sep 11, 2006.

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    How difficult would it be for me to install my own sprinkler system? Can I rent a machine to lay the pipe under ground, then install sprinkler heads, then have a plumber run a water line to my system?


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    Neat site! Thanks for posting it. And thank you too, Matt, for asking the question. I think it's good information, even for someone who might hire someone else to do the installation, because it's nice to have a reference available that explains what should be happening. I've already had a few so-called spinkler-system installers over to give me estimates, and I have to admit that I didn't feel very confident about their expertise as a result of talking to them.

    If you do go through with this project, Matt, please give us updates on how things are going.
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    I was thinking about purchasing the following, but then got to thinking, if I dig a hole for these, how much more work would I have to do, to lay pipe?

    I still don't know what machine to use/rent in order to lay the pipe?


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    I installed mine but lot is about 10K in size. I dug all the trenches by hand and put in pvc pipe. It was a good winter project. I concentrated on doing one station each weekend. Hooking up to the water supply isn't hard if you got city water. My saving was around $1K.....only did this to get experience to do other jobs. Most installs are around $2K in our area and some estimates are even lower.
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    I guess you didn't look at the website Jon provided. The author, Jess Stryker, devoted a section on trenching equipment. He didn't provide the names of the manufacturers of those machines, but there should be enough information for you to be able to rent the required equipment. Better still, he gave some tips about hiring someone who owns such equipment to do the trenching for you.

    By the way, I looked at the wateringmadeeasy web site you provided, and I have no idea why anyone would want to take that route or the hybrid method you are thinking about rather than to install a conventional lawn-sprinkler system.:confused:
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    An overview of laying the pipe underground.

    1) Call the power company or 1800beforeyoudig, one of those people and have them MARK OFF THE LINES!!!

    2) Go to your local rental shop and get yourself either a walkbehind trencher or self propelled trencher, depends on how much you need to lay. Them walkbehinds are heavy mofo's so if you arent wanting to really manhandle a machine get self propelled or have a company trench for you.

    3) lay pipe.
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    Just for reference, be prepared for some work. The "machine" doesnt actually lay the pipe for you unless you get a vibratory plow which can be had, though I am not familiar with. Then, once the trench's are dug, youll have to clean them out by hand, and lay the PVC by hand, should you choose to use that. Check out the site provided above, any newbie should be able to work out a system from that. Best advice is hire a pro.
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    I was going through this 1-year ago. I was preparing myself to install the sprinklers and so on. I went ahead and got three prices and chose the company my landscaper recommended as he was actually the cheapest and was willing to really discuss my system with me. One estimate was nearly double that of the company I used.

    I ended up with a 30+ head system on my front lawn (approx 15k sq ft) in under two days.

    It was a joy to watch a crew of 7 complete the job in such a short time. Actually, only two guys came on the second day as they just finished up the connections.

    I would save up over the winter, and pay someone to do the job in March if possible. Much less aggravation and you'll know the job is done right.

    Just my .02

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    how much was it?

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